Package socks

Interface Summary
Authentication The Authentication interface provides for performing method specific authentication for SOCKS5 connections.
UDPEncapsulation This interface provides for datagram encapsulation for SOCKSv5 protocol.

Class Summary
AuthenticationNone SOCKS5 none authentication.
InetRange Class InetRange provides the means of defining the range of inetaddresses.
Proxy Abstract class Proxy, base for classes Socks4Proxy and Socks5Proxy.
ProxyMessage Abstract class which describes SOCKS4/5 response/request.
ProxyServer SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy, handles both protocols simultaniously.
Socks4Proxy Proxy which describes SOCKS4 proxy.
Socks5DatagramSocket Datagram socket to interract through the firewall.
Can be used same way as the normal DatagramSocket.
Socks5Proxy SOCKS5 Proxy.
SocksDialog Socks configuration dialog.
Class which provides GUI means of getting Proxy configuration from the user.
SocksServerSocket SocksServerSocket allows to accept connections from one particular host through the SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy.
SocksSocket SocksSocket tryies to look very similar to normal Socket, while allowing connections through the SOCKS4 or 5 proxy.
UserPasswordAuthentication SOCKS5 User Password authentication scheme.

Exception Summary
SocksException Exception thrown by various socks classes to indicate errors with protocol or unsuccessfull server responses.